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Days# 5-6: Just Keep Stitching

I didn’t post yesterday – I didn’t have a chance to work on the quilt, and when I got home from work I wasn’t feeling well. Still dragging a bit today, but pulled the project back out and started working on it again.

I’ve been debating on which threads to use; since there are 4 different color groups in multiple shades, I’d like to find a single color thread that would work for each group. Shown above are some of my green options.

3 more followers, by the way! Thanks Roxy Moto, Sarah Beth and Chairybomb. Roxy Moto has some kind of one-woman motorcycle journey going on in the UK, while Chairybomb is a sales site and Sarah Beth no longer has a blog.

So, after selecting my green thread, I threaded my needle with 4-ply, then decided that was too thick and changed it to a simple double-ply; I ran it through beeswax from knot to needle, then when I began to stitch realized the beeswax was snarling the thread worse than if I’d left it alone! So, I’ll be re-threading that one before I continue. 🙂



That’s it for today’s update. What about you? What are you working on, and what setbacks have you encountered? Email me at or comment below.

Have a great weekend!



Day #4: Of Projects & Puppies

Guess what I found in my mother’s back craft room? A project from 10 years ago that I had worked on with my brothers. It’s a pieced comforter, almost a quilt but not really…it’s made out of large squares of denim in a variety of patterns and styles…and it’s not quite finished, haha! Can I still say that the quilt I’m working on is my first “real” one?

The cute little monster pictured above is another one of my current projects. Established on Sept 11, 2016 (her birthday), she’s a Border-Heeler, and is in training to become a working dog.

What projects are you working on? Do they vary in scope? Email me at, or comment below.

Day #3: Still counting…

Thanks for the follow, Draped in Cloudlets. You’ve got some cool designs on your site! I loved the retro styling, and I’m impressed that you blog in both English AND German simultaneously. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. 🙂

So, Day#3 on the blog (and the quilt) and I’ll admit, I’m kinda missing Facebook. You know, just logging on to see what everybody else is doing. It’s like a gossip column, I guess, but since everyone posts about themselves, no one is offended that you know what’s going on in their life.

Except now, I don’t. It’s a little weird. After Facebook being a part of my life for the past 6 years, I think I’m going through withdrawal. I don’t regret my choice, though. At least, not yet. 🙂 I’m adjusting, and wondering if I’ll make it through the whole year without setting up a new account…and if I do, will it feel weird to finally have Facebook again come 2018???

So, back to the quilt. The top is 36 squares with a blanket-stitched applique on each one; I figure if I do 3 squares each month, I’ll have all of the squares done in one year. The second year I’m planning to applique the 40 border designs, put the quilt together, and then do the actual quilting. I’m doing the appliques by hand, but the assembly will be on a trusty sewing machine

I decided to map out a timeline for the quilt after being inspired by two of my grandmother’s current projects. She’s subscribed to 2 or 3 one-year quilt “clubs” or something like that. One of the groups is free — the organizer sends out a supply list, the members choose their own fabrics, and every month the directions for that month’s squares are sent out. It’s a Mystery Quilt, so she doesn’t actually know what the finished quilt top will be until the final month!

The second quilt membership sends materials along with the instructions each month, for a fee; I don’t recall if that one was also a Mystery Quilt (Grammy had so many projects going), but in any case I was inspired by the fact that it was reasonable to complete a quilt top in one year. Instead of thinking “Oh my, I have 76 appliques to do, and batting to purchase, and templates to trace…!” I only have to work on three squares a month, and at the end of 2 years I should have a finished quilt. I know, I’m taking twice as long, but hey, it’s better than NOT having a quilt at the end of the 2 years, right???

What about you? Are you working on any long-term projects? Email me at, or comment below!

Take Two!

Second day, second follower. Thanks @kuddosandkiddos! I checked out your blog and smiled over the post where you rocked at mom life…as well as the one about a wide-awake child at 10pm 🙂

Guess what, everybody? After my consternation over the hidden message in my quilt kit (found on Day #1), I finally buckled down last night and pulled out all of the fabrics, sorting according to color so that I could pre-wash and pre-shrink them per instructions. Imagine my surprise to find the following note tucked even deeper inside the package…


Wait, what?

So, the moral of the story is: empty your kit and comb every inch of included materials prior to beginning any pre-packaged project.

I need a session.

Just kidding, I’ll be fine. I’ve accepted the fact that this first “real” quilt won’t be perfect, despite my best efforts. I’m still wondering if the fabrics are going to shrink or bleed after washing. (Maybe the tie-dyed look is coming back into style?)

What about you? Have any of your carefully planned projects gone awry? Email me at or comment below!

First Day, First Follower, First Failure

Thanks for the follow, @katierosemason! I checked out your blog, and it looks like you’ve got some cool photography skills going on yourself. I liked the photo session with Charlotte & Leah. Keep up the good work! I’m following you back. 🙂

After posting last night and continuing work on my quilt kit, I found another set of instructions that had been tucked deep inside the package:


I’ll admit, I was kinda frustrated at myself: I totally should have known to pre-wash the fabric! Now I’m torn between washing the fabrics I haven’t yet cut, the appliques that I just painstakingly cut out last night, and –if I do both– considering what the final results will be on my once-in-a-lifetime quilt project. Stay tuned to find out.

I shouldn’t have expected this to go ‘perfect’, right? What’s something that hasn’t gone perfectly for you? Email me at or post a comment below.

Anonymous Quilter

On December 28th, 2016 I deleted my Facebook account.

Not “deactivated”…


Yes, it’s a thing.

And so begins my one-year Facebook boycott. It’s harder than I thought. Since Facebook postpones your account deletion for 14 days after your request (y’know, just in case you change your mind), the first two weeks had me rethinking my decision alot. The FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) came on strong — how would I know when someone got engaged? Had a baby? Lost a loved one? Worst of all – gasp- would I be forgotten?

However, those two weeks of limbo were also very enlightening. Since I had developed the habit of logging in to Facebook once or twice a day, I found myself instead checking out global news. Reading the front page of MSN and Yahoo to see what was trending, not in my limited frame of 1200 friends, but around the planet. It was enlightening. Of course, every time I saw something of interest the first impulse was I should share that on Facebook…then I’d remember that this was my trial period, and did I really want to give up so easily?

Long story short: I made it! The final day of the fourteen had me thinking hard. What about all of those contacts I wouldn’t have? It had taken time to build them up. What would my Facebook friends think of my sudden disappearance? I hadn’t made any posted announcement about my decision. Would they think I had -yikes- unfriended them???

As I thought back over the two weeks, I realized something. While I hadn’t scrolled down a list of smiling family photos and clicked ‘like’ on a myriad of statuses, I somehow felt more connected. Not so much to out of state friends and family, but to the world. To the general zeitgeist of the culture. And I had started getting a LOT more of my rainy-day projects done!

I made a long-overdue visit to my grandmother in those first weeks of January. Grammy showed me her amazing collection of quilting projects, 8 of which were in the works, and then to my delight presented me with a “quilt kit” (I didn’t know those existed) for myself. I was delighted, especially when I realized the blanket-stitch applique design was a technique I had used on a past sewing projects.

So all of that so say, this blog is intended for 2017, the year of my Facebook boycott. I’m not boycotting Facebook for any inherent reason of it’s own–I just want to see what my life will be like without it. I’m still on other social media, at the time of this writing…Twitter, Instagram, websites. However, this blog is discrete. Here I am not my other personas. Here, I am just…The Anonymous Quilter.

Thanks for reading my story. What’s your story? Email me at, or post a comment below.

Happy New Year!

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I should also mention that I’m just learning how to take “real” pictures (like, studying composition, rule of thirds, lighting and stuff) as well during this year of Facebook boycott…so if you’re following this blog, you’ll hopefully see the photographs improving along the way. This is Captain, a young Labradoodle several years old.

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