A severe cold has had me dragging for the past 4 days, which translated into not wanting to do much of anything. I had to work on Saturday, so I sat at my desk miserably and stitched to make the time pass as fast as I could. Then home all day yesterday, huddled under a blanket and occasionally propped up in a sitting position, I stitched…while binge-watching Netflix and sipping hot broth. While I don’t recommend it as a method, I’m happy to report that at least my second square is done!

The stitching is more even now, and I think the calico is less wrinkled on this one — I secured the outside edges of the applique before doing the main stitching through the center. I haven’t pulled out my camera this past week, so progress pictures will need to come later.

I’d like to start a different applique color next, but the only thread I can find in the house right now is green…where is that thread box???

What about you? Have you been sick this season? (Did any good stories come of it?) Write to me at AnonymousQuilter@gmail.com, or comment below.

Stay well! ❤