I knew it would be a slow day at work. Unfortunately, it was anything but a slow day right before leaving for work.

I’d finished cutting out the next applique a few hours before, and I’d cut out the calico square long before that, so I set both neatly together near my other “things to take” pile as I scrambled around to get ready. Laundry on, check. Hair brushed, check. Down coat, cash to buy animal feed, keys to the car…check, check, check. I even slipped the spool of green thread inside my glasses’ case along with a seam ripper. Oh, yeah. Organization itself (not).

The roads were awful on the way into town: slushy, slippery and begging for an accident. Thankfully I didn’t oblige. My chiropractor appointment finished early, and I was a half-hour early to the office. I paused in the car, deliberated on going to pick up coffee, then decided against it. Since I’d totaled my car last week, I should probably save the extra money.

Reluctantly I shut off the car and grabbed my purse, then prepared to grab the folder that contained my project for the afternoon. Quilt square number two. It would be nice to jump right into the next…

No. You’re kidding me!

I pulled open the folder to double check. Sure enough. In my frantic scurry around the house, I’d remembered almost everything.Almost. What a haunting word that is.

I’d forgotten my needle.


Since the post yesterday on finishing the first square, I’ve been thinking. Not only about this project, but about blogging, time, communication, etc. And I realized something. Posting only when I’ve achieved a milestone, when something has gone right, might defeat the whole purpose. Blogs are about connecting with people, watching progress, and sharing life in written form…with all of its glorious imperfections. Thank God!

So, here’s my post for the day. I’m not saying I’ll be posting everyday again, but likely more frequently. 🙂 Thanks for reading. If you have anything to share, you know the drill: email me at AnonymousQuilter@gmail.com, or comment below. Happy Tuesday!