Okay, I might be over-reacting just a bit. I mean, people were giving this level of reaction over the Super Bowl yesterday, but still…my first square is FINALLY done!

So I’m a few squares behind where I wanted to be this first week of February. So the stitching isn’t completely perfectly even all along the edges. So the calico wrinkles just a little bit (any advice on that from more seasoned quilters???).


But it’s mine, and it’s done. One step in my big project can finally be chalked off of the list. And it feels good. 🙂



Shout out to new followers on the blog! Vintage Sewing Machines has a cool sewing machine repair and maintenance site, meagan e. lee is a teacher/blogger and Evelina has a type of digital travel journal. Thanks to each of you for the follow, I’m returning the favor!

Until next time and the next milestone…


Do you have a recent small success story to share? Even if it wasn’t quite perfect (like my quilt square), I’d love to hear about it! Email me at AnonymousQuilter@gmail.com, or comment below.