Sew…as evidenced by the photo below, I’m still working on my photography, and haven’t mastered the art of the “overhead” shot (or whatever the correct term for it is).


And yes, I’m still missing Facebook a bit. The tendency to want to open it up is dissipating a bit, but the curiosity about what I’m missing is getting a little stronger! Is this experiment worth it?

Also, it’s taking me A LOT longer to finish up the stitching on the first applique than I expected! I took it to work with me again yesterday, and was able to get a bit done, but progress is slow. A more experienced quilter out there is probably smiling at me right now; oh, well. 🙂 I’m sticking with it!

Since progress is going rather…well…slow, I’m not planning to post dailies anymore. I’ll just plan to post as certain benchmarks are accomplished, I think. Such as, “First square completed”, etc. That will also help give me continued motivation to get the quilt done!

What are your thoughts? Email me at, or comment below.