Sew…yesterday I took my quilt block with me to work. In between customers and co-workers, I stitched. Not very fast progress, but it was relaxing and nice to see some more of the first block coming along. I don’t have pictures of the stitched part quite yet, I’ll try to post them once I do…then you can weigh in on whether or not my blanket stitch is too narrow. (The thread is finally behaving now.)

Shout-out to the latest follower, and first fellow quilter that’s followed: Curly Q. Her blog, Curly Quilts, is similar to mine in that it’s tracking quilting progress this year. I enjoyed looking at your projects, thanks for the follow!

It’s funny, but once you start sewing again, all kinds of sewing projects start to look like fun. I saw a cute dress that I wanted to copy, then a stuffed elephant that would be adorable…no, AQ, you’re already working on a project! So, I made a bargain with myself. If I can get the three necessary quilt blocks done early each month to stay on track, I get to work on another project with the remainder of the month! Not quite sure how this will work out, I’ll have to see.

I think I’m really going to like this quilt once it’s done. I’m debating on whether I should embroider in a significant thing that happens while I’m stitching each block, or if I really want to add that many extra stitches to my already large project? It would be sort of like a history quilt if I do. Hmmmn.

What about you? What projects are you working on, and how do you keep yourself on track or reward yourself for accomplishment? Email me at, or comment below. ❤