I didn’t post yesterday – I didn’t have a chance to work on the quilt, and when I got home from work I wasn’t feeling well. Still dragging a bit today, but pulled the project back out and started working on it again.

I’ve been debating on which threads to use; since there are 4 different color groups in multiple shades, I’d like to find a single color thread that would work for each group. Shown above are some of my green options.

3 more followers, by the way! Thanks Roxy Moto, Sarah Beth and Chairybomb. Roxy Moto has some kind of one-woman motorcycle journey going on in the UK, while Chairybomb is a sales site and Sarah Beth no longer has a blog.

So, after selecting my green thread, I threaded my needle with 4-ply, then decided that was too thick and changed it to a simple double-ply; I ran it through beeswax from knot to needle, then when I began to stitch realized the beeswax was snarling the thread worse than if I’d left it alone! So, I’ll be re-threading that one before I continue. 🙂



That’s it for today’s update. What about you? What are you working on, and what setbacks have you encountered? Email me at AnonymousQuilter@gmail.com or comment below.

Have a great weekend!