Second day, second follower. Thanks @kuddosandkiddos! I checked out your blog and smiled over the post where you rocked at mom life…as well as the one about a wide-awake child at 10pm 🙂

Guess what, everybody? After my consternation over the hidden message in my quilt kit (found on Day #1), I finally buckled down last night and pulled out all of the fabrics, sorting according to color so that I could pre-wash and pre-shrink them per instructions. Imagine my surprise to find the following note tucked even deeper inside the package…


Wait, what?

So, the moral of the story is: empty your kit and comb every inch of included materials prior to beginning any pre-packaged project.

I need a session.

Just kidding, I’ll be fine. I’ve accepted the fact that this first “real” quilt won’t be perfect, despite my best efforts. I’m still wondering if the fabrics are going to shrink or bleed after washing. (Maybe the tie-dyed look is coming back into style?)

What about you? Have any of your carefully planned projects gone awry? Email me at or comment below!