On December 28th, 2016 I deleted my Facebook account.

Not “deactivated”…


Yes, it’s a thing.

And so begins my one-year Facebook boycott. It’s harder than I thought. Since Facebook postpones your account deletion for 14 days after your request (y’know, just in case you change your mind), the first two weeks had me rethinking my decision alot. The FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) came on strong — how would I know when someone got engaged? Had a baby? Lost a loved one? Worst of all – gasp- would I be forgotten?

However, those two weeks of limbo were also very enlightening. Since I had developed the habit of logging in to Facebook once or twice a day, I found myself instead checking out global news. Reading the front page of MSN and Yahoo to see what was trending, not in my limited frame of 1200 friends, but around the planet. It was enlightening. Of course, every time I saw something of interest the first impulse was I should share that on Facebook…then I’d remember that this was my trial period, and did I really want to give up so easily?

Long story short: I made it! The final day of the fourteen had me thinking hard. What about all of those contacts I wouldn’t have? It had taken time to build them up. What would my Facebook friends think of my sudden disappearance? I hadn’t made any posted announcement about my decision. Would they think I had -yikes- unfriended them???

As I thought back over the two weeks, I realized something. While I hadn’t scrolled down a list of smiling family photos and clicked ‘like’ on a myriad of statuses, I somehow felt more connected. Not so much to out of state friends and family, but to the world. To the general zeitgeist of the culture. And I had started getting a LOT more of my rainy-day projects done!

I made a long-overdue visit to my grandmother in those first weeks of January. Grammy showed me her amazing collection of quilting projects, 8 of which were in the works, and then to my delight presented me with a “quilt kit” (I didn’t know those existed) for myself. I was delighted, especially when I realized the blanket-stitch applique design was a technique I had used on a past sewing projects.

So all of that so say, this blog is intended for 2017, the year of my Facebook boycott. I’m not boycotting Facebook for any inherent reason of it’s own–I just want to see what my life will be like without it. I’m still on other social media, at the time of this writing…Twitter, Instagram, websites. However, this blog is discrete. Here I am not my other personas. Here, I am just…The Anonymous Quilter.

Thanks for reading my story. What’s your story? Email me at AnonymousQuilter@gmail.com, or post a comment below.

Happy New Year!