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On December 28th, 2016 I deleted my Facebook account.

Not “deactivated”…


Yes, it’s a thing.

And so begins my one-year Facebook boycott. It’s harder than I thought. Since Facebook postpones your account deletion for 14 days after your request (y’know, just in case you change your mind), the first two weeks had me rethinking my decision alot. The FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) came on strong — how would I know when someone got engaged? Had a baby? Lost a loved one? Worst of all – gasp- would I be forgotten?

However, those two weeks of limbo were also very enlightening. Since I had developed the habit of logging in to Facebook once or twice a day, I found myself instead checking out global news. Reading the front page of MSN and Yahoo to see what was trending, not in my limited frame of 1200 friends, but around the planet. It was enlightening. Of course, every time I saw something of interest the first impulse was I should share that on Facebook…then I’d remember that this was my trial period, and did I really want to give up so easily?

Long story short: I made it! The final day of the fourteen had me thinking hard. What about all of those contacts I wouldn’t have? It had taken time to build them up. What would my Facebook friends think of my sudden disappearance? I hadn’t made any posted announcement about my decision. Would they think I had -yikes- unfriended them???

As I thought back over the two weeks, I realized something. While I hadn’t scrolled down a list of smiling family photos and clicked ‘like’ on a myriad of statuses, I somehow felt more connected. Not so much to out of state friends and family, but to the world. To the general zeitgeist of the culture. And I had started getting a LOT more of my rainy-day projects done!

I made a long-overdue visit to my grandmother in those first weeks of January. Grammy showed me her amazing collection of quilting projects, 8 of which were in the works, and then to my delight presented me with a “quilt kit” (I didn’t know those existed) for myself. I was delighted, especially when I realized the blanket-stitch applique design was a technique I had used on a past sewing projects.

So all of that so say, this blog is intended for 2017, the year of my Facebook boycott. I’m not boycotting Facebook for any inherent reason of it’s own–I just want to see what my life will be like without it. I’m still on other social media, at the time of this writing…Twitter, Instagram, websites. However, this blog is discrete. Here I am not my other personas. Here, I am just…The Anonymous Quilter.

Thanks for reading my story. What’s your story? Email me at, or post a comment below.

Happy New Year!

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(Very) Amateur Photographer

I should also mention that I’m just learning how to take “real” pictures (like, studying composition, rule of thirds, lighting and stuff) as well during this year of Facebook boycott…so if you’re following this blog, you’ll hopefully see the photographs improving along the way. This is Captain, a young Labradoodle several years old.

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Busy, but still here!

It may sound cliche, but it’s true: I’ve been soooo busy! Consequently, I’m behind on my quilting. 😦

Let me explain: first, it was a marathon week at work. Normally, I work primarily from home, with a second part-time position in town at roughly 15 hours a week. Two weeks ago, however, I had to fill in for both my position and the other full-time office worker…resulting in roughly 60 hours that week. Since the office happened to be super busy, I didn’t quilt at all.

Almost immediately after wrapping up that week, I left for an out of town trip that had been planned months before. In spite of being mixed family/pleasure/work, it’s still crazy busy…and I didn’t bring my quilting with me.

So, I’m behind about 3 squares at this point, but I’m NOT giving up or quitting! This may be a longer-term project than I’d originally anticipated, but it will eventually get done and I’ll have the satisfaction of looking at my finished quilt.

As always, I’d love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on my schedule setback? Email me at, or comment below.

Happy Monday!


Day# 28: Thread Box

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

With the happy discovery of The Thread Box’s mysterious location yesterday morning, I was able to start stitching on a burgundy applique. I’m so happy!


Oh, a quick shout-out here to a new follower, Texas Quilting . She has a serious quilting blog, you should check it out. I’m following her now. 🙂

Here’s a pic of the two finished squares; you may be able to tell which is the first and which is the second by the quality of the stitching. 🙂


And last but not least, here’s a parting shot of The Thread Box:


As always, feel free to email me at, or comment below. Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Stitching!


Days #24 – 27: Sick days & Second Block

A severe cold has had me dragging for the past 4 days, which translated into not wanting to do much of anything. I had to work on Saturday, so I sat at my desk miserably and stitched to make the time pass as fast as I could. Then home all day yesterday, huddled under a blanket and occasionally propped up in a sitting position, I stitched…while binge-watching Netflix and sipping hot broth. While I don’t recommend it as a method, I’m happy to report that at least my second square is done!

The stitching is more even now, and I think the calico is less wrinkled on this one — I secured the outside edges of the applique before doing the main stitching through the center. I haven’t pulled out my camera this past week, so progress pictures will need to come later.

I’d like to start a different applique color next, but the only thread I can find in the house right now is green…where is that thread box???

What about you? Have you been sick this season? (Did any good stories come of it?) Write to me at, or comment below.

Stay well! ❤

Day #23: Mishaps & Mistakes

I knew it would be a slow day at work. Unfortunately, it was anything but a slow day right before leaving for work.

I’d finished cutting out the next applique a few hours before, and I’d cut out the calico square long before that, so I set both neatly together near my other “things to take” pile as I scrambled around to get ready. Laundry on, check. Hair brushed, check. Down coat, cash to buy animal feed, keys to the car…check, check, check. I even slipped the spool of green thread inside my glasses’ case along with a seam ripper. Oh, yeah. Organization itself (not).

The roads were awful on the way into town: slushy, slippery and begging for an accident. Thankfully I didn’t oblige. My chiropractor appointment finished early, and I was a half-hour early to the office. I paused in the car, deliberated on going to pick up coffee, then decided against it. Since I’d totaled my car last week, I should probably save the extra money.

Reluctantly I shut off the car and grabbed my purse, then prepared to grab the folder that contained my project for the afternoon. Quilt square number two. It would be nice to jump right into the next…

No. You’re kidding me!

I pulled open the folder to double check. Sure enough. In my frantic scurry around the house, I’d remembered almost everything.Almost. What a haunting word that is.

I’d forgotten my needle.


Since the post yesterday on finishing the first square, I’ve been thinking. Not only about this project, but about blogging, time, communication, etc. And I realized something. Posting only when I’ve achieved a milestone, when something has gone right, might defeat the whole purpose. Blogs are about connecting with people, watching progress, and sharing life in written form…with all of its glorious imperfections. Thank God!

So, here’s my post for the day. I’m not saying I’ll be posting everyday again, but likely more frequently. 🙂 Thanks for reading. If you have anything to share, you know the drill: email me at, or comment below. Happy Tuesday!






Days #11-22: First Block FINISHED!


Okay, I might be over-reacting just a bit. I mean, people were giving this level of reaction over the Super Bowl yesterday, but still…my first square is FINALLY done!

So I’m a few squares behind where I wanted to be this first week of February. So the stitching isn’t completely perfectly even all along the edges. So the calico wrinkles just a little bit (any advice on that from more seasoned quilters???).


But it’s mine, and it’s done. One step in my big project can finally be chalked off of the list. And it feels good. 🙂



Shout out to new followers on the blog! Vintage Sewing Machines has a cool sewing machine repair and maintenance site, meagan e. lee is a teacher/blogger and Evelina has a type of digital travel journal. Thanks to each of you for the follow, I’m returning the favor!

Until next time and the next milestone…


Do you have a recent small success story to share? Even if it wasn’t quite perfect (like my quilt square), I’d love to hear about it! Email me at, or comment below.

One Month off of Facebook…whaaaat?!?

I’m still working on the first square (made good progress yesterday!), however I thought I should take a minute to mark a milestone: it has been one full month since I deleted my Facebook account! And I’m surviving! #goals

I’ve been keeping up with news on more mainstream news channels, and I’m trying to spend a little more time to keep up with friends personally. It’s a different way of socializing, for sure.

I’m glad I’m trying this experiment, although I think I’ll be glad to start a new Facebook account next year, too. 😉

Days #8-10: Still stitching

Sew…as evidenced by the photo below, I’m still working on my photography, and haven’t mastered the art of the “overhead” shot (or whatever the correct term for it is).


And yes, I’m still missing Facebook a bit. The tendency to want to open it up is dissipating a bit, but the curiosity about what I’m missing is getting a little stronger! Is this experiment worth it?

Also, it’s taking me A LOT longer to finish up the stitching on the first applique than I expected! I took it to work with me again yesterday, and was able to get a bit done, but progress is slow. A more experienced quilter out there is probably smiling at me right now; oh, well. 🙂 I’m sticking with it!

Since progress is going rather…well…slow, I’m not planning to post dailies anymore. I’ll just plan to post as certain benchmarks are accomplished, I think. Such as, “First square completed”, etc. That will also help give me continued motivation to get the quilt done!

What are your thoughts? Email me at, or comment below.


Days# 7 & 8: A Stitch In Time

Sew…yesterday I took my quilt block with me to work. In between customers and co-workers, I stitched. Not very fast progress, but it was relaxing and nice to see some more of the first block coming along. I don’t have pictures of the stitched part quite yet, I’ll try to post them once I do…then you can weigh in on whether or not my blanket stitch is too narrow. (The thread is finally behaving now.)

Shout-out to the latest follower, and first fellow quilter that’s followed: Curly Q. Her blog, Curly Quilts, is similar to mine in that it’s tracking quilting progress this year. I enjoyed looking at your projects, thanks for the follow!

It’s funny, but once you start sewing again, all kinds of sewing projects start to look like fun. I saw a cute dress that I wanted to copy, then a stuffed elephant that would be adorable…no, AQ, you’re already working on a project! So, I made a bargain with myself. If I can get the three necessary quilt blocks done early each month to stay on track, I get to work on another project with the remainder of the month! Not quite sure how this will work out, I’ll have to see.

I think I’m really going to like this quilt once it’s done. I’m debating on whether I should embroider in a significant thing that happens while I’m stitching each block, or if I really want to add that many extra stitches to my already large project? It would be sort of like a history quilt if I do. Hmmmn.

What about you? What projects are you working on, and how do you keep yourself on track or reward yourself for accomplishment? Email me at, or comment below. ❤

Mystery Quilt Club 2016-2017

Hi! Remember how I mentioned in the first post about my grandmother’s mystery quilt subscriptions? Well, here’s a link to one of the mystery quilt clubs!

Meadow Mist Mystery Quilts

meadow-mist-mystery-quilt-snipInstructions are posted on the first Thursday of each month. For this club, you’d provide your own materials…which means choosing your own color scheme, so that’s cool!

I wish I could say I’m joining it, too, but I’m going to keep focusing on the quilt I’ve now begun. This wool applique is going to be more than enough to keep me busy. 🙂

Are you an avid quilter? Do you have any tips that you’d like to share? Please comment below, or you can email me at Happy quilting!



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